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KR 100P-2

A long reach and a wide range of payloads – these are the strengths of the KUKA press-to-press robots, whether they’re bridging short press gaps or transferring large or medium-sized panels
Thanks to their modular design and our long experience of press linking, we can optimally tailor your robot to the individual application. And as if that were not enough, the robust design with low-wear components – such as beltless wrist drives – prolongs the service life and extends the maintenance intervals – thereby reducing your costs. The result is robots that not only set new standards in the market but also make your production more cost-effective.
The advantages:
  • High planning reliability and security of investment.
  • More speed and maximum output: their lightweight construction of die-cast aluminum makes the press-to-press robots exceptionally fast. With a specially adapted drive train and machine data, they achieve a high throughput of up to 14 parts per minute – across a press gap of 6 m. Added to this is the precision control, which results in a repeatability of up to ± 0.06 mm.
  • Powerful motors, gear units and servo drives – our press-to-press robots give you guaranteed high quality, because they are assembled using service-proven standard components from the 2000 Series. This means that your robot is not just optimally tailored to its application; you also benefit from fast availability of tried-and-tested components, a wide variety of models and extended maintenance intervals.
  • Optimal production and rapid commissioning.

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