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Design and Simulation

Design is the concluding stage of the draft and all the simulation development environment for all objects of the robot cell. In the simulation of robotic systems, depending on the details of the project robcad, etc. kuka.s. We use programs.

Robot cell components:
  • Tooling, Gripper (robot hand)
  • Linear guideways,
  • Robot hose package,
  • Robot cell security fence, gate maintenance,
  • Fixtures, referencing table, rotary table,
  • Product loading and unloading boxes,
  • Conveyors (rollers, belt, chain, etc.).,
  • Welding fixture,
  • Destackers is,
  • Press line sheet feeding trays,
  • Robot stand,

The above components, is the most appropriate form in the design phase before production considering several criteria, these criteria:
  • For mass production based on consumer needs and problems
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomics
  • Material information
  • Production methods, and opportunities

  • Low cycle time of planned production systems and simulation studies for high flexibility to meet the same rate indispensable. It all aspects of the system before the decision to purchase and commissioning of the investment must be proven.
  • The new production systems or revision to investment gain optimum recycling; Robots and must ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of fulfilling the functions of automation equipment.
  • Robcad is a workcell simulation tool that provides the ability to develop. The robot application development, optimized and allows to perform off-line robot programs.
  • As a scalable solution, all key technologies, spot welding, arc welding, laser and water jet cutting, drilling, riveting and painting operations can be applied for.
Off-line programming provides advantages to the customers:
  • Onsite manual (online) programming time is reduced.
  • New products and production is carried out in parallel for the preparation of a robot program production variants and reduced downtime in changing products.
  • The creation of complex robot trajectories (for example, which is extremely time consuming manual: narrow areas of welding, deburring, grinding, polishing, milling applications, etc.)

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