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KR 210-2  | KRC2ed05

KR 210-2 | KRC2ed05

The Series 2000 shelf-mounted robots stand for greater flexibility and a longer downward reach: with powerful motors, high-performance gear units and amplified servo drive, they achieve high output with payloads of up to 210 kg and a work envelope of up to 8 m in diameter
The Series 2000 shelf-mounted robots are available in three arm length variants and have a large product portfolio with a total of 31 variants. Thanks to their modular design, the robots can also be quickly retrofitted for increased payload or reach. There’s no more laborious, cost-intensive implementation of new systems – and production can start in record time.  For cleanrooms or environments with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures, the special variants Cleanroom (CR) and Foundry (F) are available. With installation on either the floor or a machine, the series is versatile, space-saving and ideally suited to challenging removal processes.
The advantages:
  • High degree of planning reliability and security of investment.
  • Flexible production and rapid commissioning.
  • High speed and maximum output: the high installed motor capacity and high-torque gear units in all axes make the Series 2000 shelf-mounted robots highly dynamic and extremely powerful.
  • Added to this is the precision control, which gives these high-performers a repeatability of ±0.06 mm. The result: better manufacturing quality, fewer rejects, and thus greater efficiency for your production.
  • Shorter cycle times and higher quality.

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